Your story then:

You had a business idea. You didn’t know anything about it. Yet your gut told you enough. The entrepreneurship lifestyle seemed cool (at least from reading about it).

You were supposed to have the flexibility to pursue your passion. It’s like a dream come true.

Your story today:

You incorporated. You followed all the guides. Went after your passion. But you don’t know anything about business. You found out that entrepreneurship is far more than just having an idea, imagination and passion.

You put in the long hours (like you are supposed to) but your business in nowhere near the results it was supposed to have. Other people have also pursued YOUR IDEA. They are doing a better job than you.

Everyday you ask yourself the following question:

If I knew all I know today before I started my business, would I have even started?

Why are you reading this? Why here?

I am Dane Todorovski – an entrepreneur with a very specific and highly beneficial skill set.

I started early. My company had an award winning business model. But it failed early too. My story was very similar to the one above. I even asked the same question myself.

But this did not stop me at all. Since then I have worked at business development of small and medium companies, ran my own blog, consulted for over 20 entities and still run retail operations for a large fashion chain.

How I created this website?

A significant number of friends and acquaintances I have met in the past always wanted to talk to me about their business ideas. They have said that my help was of great benefit to them. My skill set is a combination of entrepreneurship and business development. I can develop the business model, do market research, analyse the number and write a business plan.

The market has pulled me to create this website so I can be of help to an even greater number of entrepreneurs starting out.

What are you going to find here?

You are going to be able to read my work on entrepreneurship, business, career, personal success, the success bubble and other cool things