How To Overcome The “Success Bubble”?

Daily digestion of large quantity of posts and news about successful people is part of our daily lives. How they have achieved something from nothing, done this, that and whatsoever. All that is cool for most readers, but what happens to those who want to thrive? But first of all – the success bubble

What is a success bubble?

I’ve come to create this concept because I fall in the category of people who like to read a lot and gather large quantities of info – God bless the Internet! Information does prove beneficial in achieving your goals and realising your ideas. But “information overload” – a concept, which seems to be present for some time now is far from just a concept. In my personal experience there seems to be an even more dangerous bubble forming inside the information overload concept – the “success bubble” as I like to call it.

A “success bubble” is a bubble which is formed around people with high goals by reading a large quantity of information about highly successful people. What happens is that you (read: myself) tend to compare yourself to them and correct your activities to achieve the success of someone else. You actually drive away from your vision path and the strategy which you had planned.

Just basic examples are the types of content like:

Number of things someone successful did to achieve that.

What are the traits/characteristics of high achievers/leaders/entrepreneurs?

Are you a leader/entrepreneur according to someone successful?

You get the idea.

As I said before, I used to read these posts a lot. I used to compare myself to them and correct my actions accordingly. I would get demotivated if according to someone I did not posses the traits of a successful person, or the opposite, motivated if I found myself in the content. But just a few days ago I came to understand something that has changed the way I digest daily content.

The guide to overcoming the “success bubble” for aspiring people

This guide comes from my personal views and experience – it has proven beneficial to me and would recommend it to anyone in similar position.

Do not stop your daily digest of the “success bubble”

In no way should you stop the daily intake of the information you find beneficial for you. Reading means learning so keep on learning.

Take info with a pinch of salt

By continuing to read content about success you might easily fall back in the “success bubble”. But have in mind what YOU want to achieve, compare but do not take for granted! Remember that high achievement comes from people who challenge reality and are often misunderstood by their social circles.

Write one yourself

Creating similar content from your personal perspective will show you how different you actually are. Be extremely open and honest with yourself and the results will come. There is no need to publish it or share it, just write it for yourself – because you create your success.

Be open to new information streams

Reading the same websites may be part of the routine, but have in mind that routine is only as good as the benefit it brings to you. Research new sites, go on forums, read on social media – there are endless opportunities just try to be open to them.

Final thoughts

Remember that information can also have a negative impact. Use this guide to channel the “success bubble” info to your needs. If someone became successful in one way, it does not mean it will work for you.

Now continue to roam the fields of info, but with a new weapon in mind.

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