What Would You Do If You Were Fearless?

Just a few weeks ago I re-read “Who moved my cheese” by Spencer Johnson and have to say that it gets to you every time. Last time it was from a perspective of a college bachelor and now from a young professional. The life motivation is not the same, so the book has a new meaning. Just a brief reminder – the book is about 2 mice and 2 people who chase cheese in labyrinths. the cheese is a metaphor for success and the different profiles of characters go after the cheese in different ways and at different time. The book is considered to be a must-read for change management.

And exactly the current changes in my life lead me to read it. What astounded me is that I actually see the “cheese” very differently. In college it was to finish exams on time, get excellent grades and gain the most out of your time. But now, just 4 years later there are new priorities. In the mean time I launched my startup, closed my startup, worked as an analyst and started this website. Going thought the book I found one quote struck me the most – “What would you do if you had no fear?”

And the more I think about it the more I love it. The premise behind the quote sits at the base of success – fear itself. Now trying to use this quote everyday is something to try. The results seem to come a lot easier later than at first. It took a week time to actually try to use it despite thinking of it. The situation was:

Starting my own blog/website which I have thought of for a long time. I always seemed to find an excuse not to launch, not to continue writing content and learn web design. Until the day I actually used IT.

What I have come to understand is that every young person lacks in confidence. Their society is not ready to accept them, they have too progressive ideas and are considered to be outlaws. But the thing is – you have nothing to lose, nothing to fear! Come to accept the baldness of your ideas and passions and make them you reality. Use this quote whenever you feel the lack of confidence and give yourself the push you need. Believe me, it does work, it brings results and it makes your path to success a LOT easier.

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